DIY: Crochet Wig

I apologize for being MIA these past weeks but I’ve been busy, and well lazy. I finally got off my lazy behind and made this crochet wig. Nobody tells you how much work it takes, I mean you would think it is pretty easy when you watch a 15-minute clip on YouTube but it takes a really long time and a good deal of patience. 

What You’ll Need

Marley hair (or any bulk hair of your choice really)

Latch hook or big bobby pins

Mannequin head

Wig nets

Bendy rollers

Hot water

How To

Co-wash bulk hair, apply olive oil and allow to dry. This helps to gently cleanse, remove unwanted smell and makes the hair softer.

 Sew 2 wig nets round the edges to make one stronger net and place on the mannequin head.

Crotchet the bulk hair onto the net taking 5 holes at a time.

If you’re new to crotcheting, this video would be a great help.

Youtube – NnennaB

Concentrate more on the front and middle areas to avoid awkward spaces.

Gently detangle and roll small sections onto the bendy rollers.

Remove from mannequin head and submerge totally in hot water.

Allow to air dry and unroll from bendy rollers carefully.
While making mine, I used about 2 net holes at a time, I have some awkward spaces in the center when I wear the wig so I had to fluff out the roots for more volume to hide it. I used four packs of marley hair without cutting the length, initially I got 2 packs and had to get an additional 2.

Before Curling, I really liked it like this but the hair was really wild and lonnnggg!

After curling. Curls on Fleek! (Pardon me)

Curling the wig was tough! I used 98 bendy rollers in total, I had to borrow some from my friends and my arms were sore after rolling. You might want to stretch the wig making process over 5 days. I was in a rush and did mine in 2 days, I’m definitely taking my time for the next one. If you decide to precurl the hair before crocheting, you wouldn’t achieve this curl pattern without some difficulty. To get my curl pattern I rolled the hair onto the bendy rollers like this;

Grey wig next or nah 🌚?

I was hoping to make another wig soon and have a proper picture tutorial, but I guess I’ll do that later and update this post. If you want to achieve a different curl pattern, curling before installation would make the whole process much easier for you.
Would you be willing to try this?

P.S: This is one of the wigs I used in styling a friend’s photoshoot, you can view the pictures;

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13 thoughts on “DIY: Crochet Wig”

  1. I am so glad you mentioned how long it takes! When I made mine it took FOREVER and every time I watched videos the lovely women all say things like “It took me 1.5 – 2 hours”…..HOOOOWWW?????? Lol. Yours turned our stunning!


    1. Yes! I watched so many videos and I went in thinking ok looks and sounds easy enough…mmhmmm…SEVERAL hours later I still wasn’t half way through lol. But you really did a great job! Might have to try your curl pattern. I precurled my hair before installing them in the wig cap but I twirled the hair differently. xxx


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