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Hair Chalk on Natural Hair x GIVEAWAY

Have you thought of adding color to your hair but didn’t want anything permanent or you’re afraid of the damages you’ve read happens when you use chemical dyes? Fear not, *insert super hero music* hair chalk is here to the rescue.


Okay, I’m writing this post with way too much excitement; because post birthday glow and all that. I got packs of hair chalk last year and never got around to trying any of the colors until recently, it’s pretty simple to use and comes with instructions. This set has 24 colors.

How To Use

 – Put on gloves and drape a towel over your shoulder (which I didn’t do and regretted)

– Lightly spray a section of hair with water

– Rub the chalk onto your hair as desired

Ensure you have proper lightning so you can access just how much chalk you’ll need to apply, so you don’t get mistaken for a clown.

If you’re doing this on a weave, you could use a flat iron and hairspray to make it last longer. The downside about the hair chalk is that your hair would be super dry, so you might want to try grinding the chalk into a powder form and mixing it with your leave in conditioner. I had to avoid water for the 2 days I left the chalk on my hair. Don’t have hair chalk? You can try using eyeshadow too! I’m giving away one pack of the chalk set to the person with the most comment on the blog this year; Hello Jen, thanks a lot.


Before using hair chalk


At night
Ignore my Photobomber. 😓


Ever tried temporary hair color?

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11 thoughts on “Hair Chalk on Natural Hair x GIVEAWAY”

  1. Yay me! shakes bum bum
    Thank you! 😀
    It looks so cool on your hair; I can’t wait to try it.
    Happy belated birthday!


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