5 Things I’m Loving This Week


1.) Nigeria

This past week made me really proud of my country. I usually like to remain neutral on the subject of politics because I’m not well versed in it, but seeing the way Nigerians came together in the days leading to the announcement of our new president sparked something in me.

2.) Fashpa Easter Sale

It’s fashpa again. This sale started today and it would be on till the 6th so there’s still time to get clothing items, Jewellry and bags at ridiculous prices, you get up to 80% discount on some products, for a direct link to the sale, click here

Sidenote: Using the discount code ‘AMBALEX’ gives you 10% off at checkout. 😀


3.) Gidi Culture Festival

I got free tickets to attend, courtesy; Fayrouz and I’m really excited to attend this year. It would be holding tomorrow at The Eko Atlantic Centre and the line up is crazy. Currently, free tickets are being given out by various individuals/organizations, so if you’ve not made Easter plans, follow @gidiculturefestival on Instagram for more info.

4.) Tsemaye Binitie Maask Lookbook Collection

Love at first sight. Inspiration for the pieces was gotten from different masks portraying African culture. View the complete Lookbook on Instagram; ‘Tsemayebinitie’


5.) Bendy Rollers

I used to think they were overrated and only used when I had a special occasion and wanted curls. But after washing my weave(read about that here) and using the rollers, I had a change of mind. I usually just wash and straighten later but the curls the rollers created made me fall in love

What new things have you recently discovered/fallen in love with?

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