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Wash That Weave !




It’s my birthday month too, I’ll be a year older on the 11th, which is another Election Day coincidentally. Last month made this blog a year old! I think a giveaway is in order and I’ll let you guys know as soon as possible.

Now on to the matter of the day, if you’re one of the ladies that believe once you get a sew-in weave, you’re free from all wash day duities, stop reading this and apologize to your hair and weaves (seriously). Sometimes you pass by some females and the stench from the weaves just make you want to stop breathing (this used to be me 3 years back, welp). On Monday, I finished from school early and decided to wash my weave, I had been postponing this for about 2 days. It’s a short weave so you might want to make out a day to wash longer weaves or use the dry shampoo method; I’ll put up a post on that later.

     How To

  • Detangle the weave thoroughly with a wide tooth comb
  • Put the weave into four sections
  • Wet a section, apply shampoo and work it in downwards; from root to tip.
  • Work your fingers into the tracks and your natural hair
  • Do same to the remaining 3 sections
  • Rinse out the shampoo in sections
  • Apply a rinse out conditioner to the four sections
  • Put on a shower cap
  • Rinse out after 10 minutes
  • Allow to air dry or blow dry on a low heat
  • Style as desired


Hello Rihanna 😏

After conditioning.


I used Giovanni 50:50 balanced hydrating shampoo and conditioner, read review here. Personally, I do not like adding products to my weave and I prefer air drying, when my hair was almost dry, I applied castor oil to my natural hair and put the weave in bendy rollers; used about 15 in total, I was pleased with the results the next day.


 How To Take Care Of Natural Hair Beneath Weaves

  • Comb/brush the weave gently
  • Using a spray bottle, spritz lightly while lifting each track. 
  • Massage with an oil of your choice. 

Ever tried  washing your sew-in weave? What was your experience like?

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8 thoughts on “Wash That Weave !”

  1. I’ve never washed a weave on my head. I usually just clean my scalp with an ACV, essential oil and water mix because… errr… I’m lazy


  2. Wow! This is amazing. I have never heard nor thought of washing my weave-on. I doubt I’ll ever do so cos I don’t leave them on for long. But I love knowing that I can if I wanted to.


  3. The curls of this weave are so pretty.
    I’ve had weaves just twice since I went natural and I never washed them while they were in *covers face*
    Next time, I should.


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