What’s In Your Bag?

I got tagged by Ekene of TheKinkAndI in this post to do this and I just stared at the mess in my bag and was like

“Do I really want the world to see this?”

On a regular day, my bag is usually filled with books and the most random things you could ever think of, like a spoon (because, foodie) which I would exclude from this post, but so far, I think these are the constant things you would find in my bag.

  • A Book and Pen: Sometimes I get amazing blogging ideas at the most random moments and I just have to write it down. Or when I just need to doodle.
  • Prescription Glasses: Most people think my glasses are for shakara because prescription glasses are supposed to be ugly? Okay.
  • Sunglasses: I hardly ever wear this, maybe just four times this year so far but I carry it everywhere.
  • Earpiece: For when I need to escape (or block people out) with music.
  • Powerbank: Anyboy that knows me know I can’t allow my phone battery die. Ever. Although this recently got damaged, I still carry it everywhere with the hope that I would get to fix it sometime.
  • Charger:
  • Hand Sanitizer: I made a habit of carrying one around during the Ebola period and it just stuck
  • Hand Lotion: This doubles as a body lotion sometimes when I feel the need to moisturize.
  • Hair tie: For any hair emergency when I have to do a bun or a puff.
  • Dental floss
  • MAC Powder: I honestly don’t know why I carry this around because I never use it, especially not in this extreme heat.
  • Name tag
  • FASHPA Fliers:Because I would just walk up to strangers and offer them one(more like force it on them). This struggle is real.

I’m nominating the following to get on this tag

Jen of NigerianAndNatural

Zion of IsleofAzure

Simi of ThoseNaturalAfricanCurls

Sophia of MyFroAndI

Shula of AuntyShula

What are the common contents of your bag/purse?


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6 thoughts on “What’s In Your Bag?”

  1. Thank you for tagging me 😀
    I love your glasses! (Both prescription and sunglasses)
    Everyone’s bag contents are so interesting to see.
    I hope my bag will not fall hand oh


  2. That glasses thing is true though, if it’s not in a ‘normal’ glasses shape people assume it’s for show haha. Thanks for the tag, i’ll be on it soonest 😀


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