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Is “Anointing Oil” good for natural hair?

If you grew up as a Christian in Nigeria, there’s a ninety-five percent chance that you’ve come across anointing oil(anointed oil really)

Look familiar?

I was sealing my hair earlier this year when a friend who recently had her big chop blurted “Is anointing oil good for natural hair?” I burst out laughing for a good fifteen minutes.

“Anointing Oil” = Olive oil.

Yes, anointing(olive) oil is really good for hair, the benefits are endless and the side effects? Never known any!

  • Olive oil is lightweight and ideal for thin natural hair( like mine).
  • It is a good emollient I.e, softens and moisturized hair and skin.
  • It protects your scalp and prevents dandruff.
  • It is easy to find and purchase.
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Hardly causes an allergic reaction(I haven’t heard of any just yet).

You can incorporate olive oil into your DIY treatments (Example), use as a sealant, use for scalp massages and as a hot oil treatment (like I did Here).


Do you use olive oil for your hair/skin? Love it or hate it?


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9 thoughts on “Is “Anointing Oil” good for natural hair?”

  1. I love using ‘anointing oil’ on my hair. Because it’s much cheaper than most other oils I use it for just about everything: in my clay wash, DC, Cherry Lola treatment, greenhouse method, body oil, take off makeup etc I do think it’s a bit light to use as a sealant, I would ave to reseal everyday, but at least it’s light and smells yummy so there’s no buildup.


  2. When I was transitioning and I stopped using all these mineral oil based hair creams I saw Olive oil in my parents room…I used it and my dad asked me why I was wasting the “anointing oil” on my hair.


  3. Coming from a house where my mother will give you anointing oil instead of Pepto bismol/panadol for a tummy ache/headache, it’s so easily accessible for me.
    I occasionally use it to cook and sometimes mix it with my body lotion.
    For my hair, I use it less nowadays because it doesn’t do much for sealing my hair and I generally have less use for oil in my haircare these days

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