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DIY: Faux Bun 

For the most part of last week, I was leaving my hair in an Afro or a puff (because I’m not very much into styling), but I had a beauty event to attend in school and I wanted a decent look, so I went to my trusted source; hello YouTube! This style was so easy to pull off but not one I’d be doing regularly; because front hair issues.

What you would need


Marley hair

Hair brush

Bobby pins

Olive oil

Ecostyler gel

Small bands


How To

1.) Brush the marley/kinky hair(or any other hair of your choice.

2.) Spray your already detangled hair or dampen with water.

3.) Apply olive oil all over your hair, helps for a smoother look.

4.) Apply a generous amount of Ecostyler gel and slick with your hands (or a brush) into the position you would like your bun; low bun, high bun, side bun.

5.) Secure firmly with a band.

6.) Wrap the marley hair(or any hair of your choice) loosely around the hair you’ve secured and pin it down firmly with the bobby pins.

7.) Play with the hair. You can make it loose, firm or even choose to braid/twist the Marley hair before pinning it to your hair.


I was surprised at how it blended really well with my hair because my hair color is dark brown and rusty red at the tip.


Easy right?

Have you tried this style or something similar?


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14 thoughts on “DIY: Faux Bun ”

  1. Looks so good on you!
    Been wanting to try this but whenever I do it at home it just reminds me of “packing gel”. I’ll give it another shot


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