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Naturals In The City 10 (Photos)

Yesterday I came down with malaria and I almost cancelled on going for naturals in the city today. I decided at the last minute to gather my energy, slip myself into whatever I could lay my hands on and get to the venue. I got there late and I could barely concentrate on what was being said, I just wanted to lie somewhere and sleep. However, I enjoyed Mr Ijewere talk on making do with whatever we could find around us and trying to eat healthy foods like tiger nuts aka Ofio (if you know, you know) and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

I was able to take a few pictures, so enjoy!

Registration Desk

product swap

Hello Greek goddess



The guys were not left out too!


Ekene of The Kink And I

Sandra of NaijaGirlNextDoor


Loved the definition of this twist out.


Couldn’t resist getting a cute accessory from Fashion strings


Bubbles & Scents

Natural Nigerian Stand

African Naturalistas stand


How has your weekend been so far? Good? Not so good? Do share 


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23 thoughts on “Naturals In The City 10 (Photos)”

    1. Loool! I left the “how come I didn’t see you” comment before reading this one. Next time, I will hunt you down and say hi 😀


  1. Eyaa sorry about the illness. It was good to see you and I really like your hair colour. Please permit me to pilfer some of your pics for my post.
    Get well soon!


  2. Thank you ear for your sacrifice!!!!! So fa so good, so busy, its midnight and still up work in but can sleep late on Sunday so that is always nice 😀 great photos!!!!


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