Val Project 2015

Prep talk

A few days to the 14th of February, a group of young individuals, brought together by Ibeabuchi Esther came up with the idea to launch an initiative whose sole purpose would be to put smiles on the faces of the needy, underprivileged and different, random individuals in the society. The next four days were used to purchase various items from their group contributions including  toothpaste, toothbrushes, bread, tea, sardines, noodles among other items which made up the gift bags that were distributed with love along Ojuelegba road, Kanu street, and the slums of Makoko in Lagos state. It was a very humbling experience and I’m glad to have been part of something of this nature.

      We received negative reactions from some individuals and were even threatened to be stoned, the private cars we used developed faults at different stages of the journey, despite all, 72 gift bags were distributed, the project was a huge success and one we hope to continue in the future.

Members of the team: Ibeabuchi Esther Chinazum, Adebisi Oluwapelumi, Nnamaka Alexandria, Adebayo Olajumoke, Eppie Williamson, Ogigai Henry, Kasunmu Bukola, Babayemi Olamide, Cheke Tuoyo, Adedokun Teniola, Olasoju Oreoluwa, Roberts Adedoyin, Olajumoke Oladipupo, Ayokunle Akinterinwa, Ibeabuchi Chinyere Adanma, Ajani Iterioluwa

See pictures below

Gift bags
Gift bags


Pelumi with his new friend


Hardworking traffic controller
Hardworking traffic controller




Smiles all around
cracked us up


living condition of Makoko
living condition of Makoko
mummy twins
mummy twins



Love is for everyone

For more info,
Email: Phone: +2348059474082, 2348023427205

All pictures by TheLazyNatural

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15 thoughts on “Val Project 2015”

  1. It was a beautiful experience, putting this project together and being a part of it with wonderful friends….. God bless you all, lets spread d word on how best we could spend st valentines day by sharing the link. Tnx The lazy natural

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