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Tunmise Naturals Salon


147b Ogunlana drive, opposite taxi park, Masha roundabout, Surulere, Lagos.

I like that the salon was very neat and I kept staring at the shelves of natural hair products with lust.

My total bill came to 9400 Naira which was pricey but way cheaper than some salons I contacted for the same style. I paid 7000 Naira to have the Locs installed and bought 2 packs of Noble kinky hair with 2400 Naira to add to the 7 packs of hair I went with .

My Experience
I originally wanted to get crotchet faux locs done because I wanted some protective measure for my front hair, but it seemed like it was going to be a lot of stress so I settled for regular faux locs. I can be a handful when it comes to others handling my hair but the stylist handled it very well. Plus she helped me get food when I was so hungry. I thought I would have like 3 people handling my hair at the same time but it was just 1 and I wasn’t prepared for the long hours I had to sit in the chair. I got to meet Bunmi; the owner of the salon and she was very nice and constantly checking on the progress of the hair. I would post more pictures of the hair in another post.



Have you been to Tunmise Naturals or any good hair salon? Do share your experience.


9 thoughts on “Tunmise Naturals Salon”

  1. Woah! That’s pricey! Considering Noble is 700 and they took 1200. Then 7k for making the hair?! I would be crying within if I spent that much seeing as I get tired of styles easily. And you sat for 8 hours again after spending that much? You are a superhero


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