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Harmattan and Hair

Currently, the weather over here has been less than favorable and we have been receiving more than our normal share of the cold, dry, harmattan winds. Our hair has to be kept well hydrated just as our skin this period. Protective styling is the first thing that should come to mind, because no matter how dedicated to caring for your natural hair you are, leaving it out during this period and going through bi-daily moisturizing and sealing would take its toll on you. If hair is not properly taken care of, it would become dry and prone to breakage.

Ways To Care For Natural Hair During Harmattan
Protective Styling: The best protective styles would be braids as it would give you access to routinely moisturize and massage your favorite oils onto your scalp, but I chose to go with weaves because my braids do not last past two weeks and I need to have a protective style in for no less than 3 weeks. Also, you can choose to have your hair plaited and tucked beneath a wig.
Moisturizing and Sealing: Putting your hair in a protective style doesn’t mean we should just forget about it. Make sure you whip out your spray bottle and favorite oils at least four times a week to give your hair a good treat.
Head Wear: Don’t be shy to don turbans, scarves, and hats as these help to keep the head warm and trap moisture at the same time. You can wear a thin silk cap before putting on cotton or wool head wears to prevent friction and moisture from seeping.
Condition: You might want to skip the shampoo if you don’t have one that doesn’t dry your hair out and co-wash instead. An effective co-wash would leave your hair clean without stripping it of moisture.
ACV Cleanse: If you’re wary of getting your hair/protective style wet in the name of washing, you can use well dilute apple cider vinegar and cotton balls to cleanse your scalp and follow this with a good moisturizer and oil of your choice.
Tips to help get through this cold, dry season? Do share in the comments section.

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16 thoughts on “Harmattan and Hair”

  1. Been scared to loose my protective style (Crotchet braids) which I did December. Imma just wash and wait till harmattan is gone before i expose this hair abeg.


  2. Braids during harmattan is a No No No for me. The demarcation point between where the braids are installed and my hair is prone to excessive dryness and breakage. I’m currently wearing a closed weave to save my hair and I have no intentions of taking it down until January ending.


  3. I got a weave, which i’m not sure is the best thing to have gotten :(, it’s hard to wash a weave and get it air dried quickly before you have to step out into the cold harmattan winds.


    1. I got a weave too and I’m dreading washing it tomorrow I’ve been doing the ACV cleanse so far for my scalp. I’m just going to lock myself in my bathroom, wash and blow dry the weave till it’s about 70% dry. Or you could get it washed at a salon.


    2. I never thought of going to the salon…..i’m so anti-salon my mind doesn’t even look that side anymore, but since its just washing the weave, it shouldnt be that bad.


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