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Deep Conditioning With Palm Oil

Hey Guys!
Yes, you read right; palm oil. About two weeks ago, I was feeling really good about my hair and decided to do something new, then I remembered reading a post on one of my favorite blogs about the goodness of Palm oil (read here) and I decided to try it.

Benefits Of Palm Oil
Palm oil is gotten from palm kernel and is very rich in fat soluble Vitamins A & E, beta carotene which helps restore our hair’s natural oils, moisturize and condition hair. Tocopherols present in palm oil also help to keep hair strong and healthy.

What I Used
Palm oil
Shea butter
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Vitale leave-in conditioner

I’ve noticed that I can’t just put one thing on my hair without mixing, I did the mixing with my discretion making sure the palm oil was more being the key ingredient and all. After mixing, I applied it on my hair, used my modified head wrap (a food wrap really) and I was originally going to let it sit for 3 hours but after an hour I couldn’t take it anymore. Firstly, the palm oil was dripping everywhere and that’s one thing I really do not like. The smell of the palm oil was nauseating, I’m not really a fan of palm oil even in my food so I was kind of anticipating this. My hair was noticeably softer after an hour.


After an hour, I thought I was just going to rinse out with a conditioner and be fine, but the palm oil had a mind of its own. I had to use my shampoo thrice to get all the palm oil out of my hair and that didn’t do anything to help the ‘conditioned’ feeling I got from the palm oil. I went on to use my rinse out conditioner and air dry. If you’re thinking of using palm oil as a deep conditioner, there are a few things you should note;
1.) It would drip! So put on an old Tshirt you wouldn’t miss and have a piece of cloth handy to wipe your neck and face with.
2.) If you’re like me and don’t fancy using shampoo, get a cleansing conditioner, your regular conditioner won’t do the job of getting the palm oil out of your hair.

What cleansing conditioners have you used and can recommend?


8 thoughts on “Deep Conditioning With Palm Oil”

  1. I mix a small amount of unrefined red palm kernel oil, a few drops tea tree oil, a few drops vitamin E oil, lavender oil,mamey seed oil, and rosemary oil to my mane & tail conditioner. Shake very well every time before using. What a difference in my hair growth and health.


  2. Hey!

    I use palm oil to deep condition and the results are amazing, even after a week! I think you used too much palm oil in your mixture though. My typical mix is: 1 tsp palm oil, 2 tbsp mayonnaise and 2 tbsp honey.

    You only need a little palm oil, otherwise it will drip and will be extremely hard to wash off. Consider reducing the amount of palm oil you use in your next try.


  3. I usually add my VO5 conditioner to the palm oil in ratio 1 to 1 so it makes a thick consistency, doesn’t drip down my face and washes off once I rinse it once. Palm oil gives my hair the needed moisture boost. Nice blog you have here


  4. I like to add palm oil to my moisturising dc mix, I mix with Vo5 conditioner in ratio 1 to 1, so its a thick consistency and doesn’t drip down my face. It give my hair the ultimate moisture boost and washes of easily once I rinse. Hope that helps. Lovely blog you have here


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