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Happy 54th Nigeria !
I woke up this morning excited about witnessing another Independence Day, which is slightly strange. Although we’re not where we should be as a country but we thank God for the little benefits He gives us.

Sometime last week, I was going
through my hair collection, confused on what protective style to do next(as usual) when I stumbled on this Vivica Fox curly wig I bought sometime last year. This wig has been a life saver for me on so many occasions and has lived up to expectations, I’ve trimmed, re shaped to have bangs, tried flat ironing on very low heat (even though it’s synthetic) and I was contemplating just throwing it away but then I decided to give it a wash and see what would come out if it.


1.) Detangle
This wig is a very curly one an I’ve never taken the time to Detangle it since I got it, I just go at the wig with my scissors whenever I noticed angry knots which really made the hair thin. Detangling was such a huge work and it took me two days in between going to school and having a life. I divided the hair into sections and used a wide tooth comb and my VO5 tea tree conditioner to Detangle after which I put that section away in twists. I had about 15 twists when I was done.


2.) Wash
I used my Natur Vitale shampoo for kids which I abandoned after coloring my hair to wash the wig while it was still in twists. I rinsed off the conditioner I used in detangling and applied a generous amount of shampoo on each twists and swished around in a bowl of water, no squeezing. I did this until the water ran clean enough (thrice!)

3.) Condition
Since I was dealing with synthetic hair, I just decided to apply my regular VO5 conditioner to the twists and tied the wig in a plastic bag for 30 minutes, after which I rinsed, no squeezing still and allowed to air dry.

After drying, I undid the twists and the hair was considerably bigger! (Yay!), I’m still going to wear this wig a few more times before discarding or giving out.

Undone twists

Still curly ^^

Happy Independence !

P.S: Has anyone tried Hairven range of care products for weaves?


7 thoughts on “Washing Wigs”

  1. I just washed my Vivica Fox wig yesterday and was considering posting about it before I read your post. What are the odds. Lol.


  2. My only problem with wigs is that my mum likes to steal them….the casabella near where I live is not as nicely stocked as this…might have to make my way to surulere. The wig suits you though, fine girl, haha 😉




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