Washing in Cornrows

Hey Guys!
This is really just an impromptu post. Before this evening, my hair was tucked beneath a weave but then I started having an awful headache and I have a test to study for, I had this overpowering itch to pour water on my head but I was considering other things like; I just had this weave installed less than two weeks ago, I have no idea what I’ll be doing to my hair next if I decide to take it out. In the end, I gave in and took it out. Now the super lazy part of me kept pushing me to wash the hair without loosening the cornrows the weave was attached to and I did 🙈

At first, I was skeptical that my hair wouldn’t dry completely and would start smelling but that didn’t happen! I used my VO5 tea tree conditioner to co-wash, I didn’t feel the need for any ‘special treatment’ because I’ll be doing that on Friday. My hair is completely dry right now(I think) and it smells just fine, since I still have my cornrows, I’ll be wiggin’ it till Friday.



3 thoughts on “Washing in Cornrows”

  1. I need to pick up some more VO5 Tea Tree conditioner. Now you are making me consider co-washing my corn rows then going back to crochet braids lol 🙌


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