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DIY: Marley Faux Locs

Hey Guys!
After getting a lot of nice compliments on my crochet braids, I decided to push myself a bit further and when a friend mentioned faux locs, I was like why not? However, my eagerness and enthusiasm made me overlook some important things; like time! With our combined efforts, it took us over 8 hours to finish this hair! For someone like me, that is a lot of time to spend and it was exhausting. In the future, I’d rather do this over the weekend and take my time with it.


What We Used
5 Packs of Supreme Kinky Hair (Black and Brown)
2 Packs of Noble Kinky Hair (Gold and Black)
Spray Bottle containing water and vitale leave-in conditioner
Castor Oil
Shea Butter

This style is also really easy to do if you put your mind to it, I’ll try to explain the steps as best I can, I used the invisible roots method.
1.) Part a small section of hair and divide that section into two
2.) Take a piece or 2 of kinky hair (depending on how thick you want the locs to be) and place it in the middle of the divided section
3.) Braid your own hair over the kinky hair lying in the middle
4.) Braid the kinky with your braided hair to whatever length you’d like it to be
5.) Take a piece of kinky hair and start wrapping over the braided hair
6.) Pass the lighter(ot any other fire source) over the tip of the wrapped hair to seal it.



I sprayed each section generously, sealed with shea butter and used the castor oil on the roots. The locs were really long, almost waist length and although it was tiring, I was pretty proud of the finished work and she has been getting nice compliments, someone even offered to pay to have hers done, Yay !(not happening ).



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12 thoughts on “DIY: Marley Faux Locs”

  1. Girlfriend! For some reason I never thought to install these little suckers BIG – like your size. They look awesome! I have always been daunted by the time it takes to install and how tight stylist tend to install them but looking at your closeup, you make it look achievable doing it on my own! (I worry so much for my hairline because its so weak and recedes so easily) But I will absolutely consider this for my next DIY! Thanks 🙂


    1. Thank you. It can get tiring to install! I totally understand the hairline issue, Im scared to try this on my own hair as my hairline is giving me a tough time right now, did it for a friend.


  2. Wow, that is so cool. You look gorgeous. Wish I could find someone to do my fair like that. Feel like I need a break from styling and getting a bit bored with my daily braided in side buns look. Ha. Sending love and light your way!


  3. They look good!! I’ll pay you to do mine too hahahah, why did you use two different kinds of kinky hair? Was it just what you found, or was it a conscious decision? This is definitely my next style, they’re so pretty 😀




    1. Lol, Thank you! I’d do yours for free :D. I used the Noble kinky hair to wrap because it’s cheaper, half the price of supreme and it’s easier to seal. Also I’m not sure it’s re-useable when you take out the faux locs, it’ll be pretty messy.


    2. Aww thanks ;). Oh ok, I’ll definitely be using the cheaper one to wrap. Lord knows I need to start saving money, so much of my salary goes on my hair, it’s ridiculous!!


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