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NaijaHairCanGrow Salon Day Out

Yesterday I woke up really excited for the long awaited Salon Day Out, maybe because I’ve never been to a meet but I had high hopes and expectations. Immediately we said grace in church, my friend and I rushed out to get a taxi and head to Ikoyi. The meet was slated for 12p.m  but we got there around 1p.m. I was a bit disappointed to see that there were few people present besides the vendors but trust Nigerians, the hall filled up in no time.

A presenter from Kalos makers of Moringa For Life opened the event with a moringa face mask presentation and she gave useful tips on length retention, I was really surprised when she took off her wig, you’d never have guessed she was wearing one!

Then we had Kemi from Couvrez who spoke on the need for spa and beauty treatments. You could tell she was shy from the beginning but I found it cute. She did a hand scrub for a volunteer and presented her with a goody bag afterwards

Next was Dabs of NaijaHairCanGrow! Her hair is really looonngg……and relaxed! She did a porosity(rate at which hair absorbs product) test for 3 different girls using water. If the hair sank, it had high porosity but if it took time to sink or didnt at all, it had low porosity. Just 1 girl had high porosity. To improve porosity, you could add aloe vera, apple cider vinegar or yoghurt to your hair treatments. Dabs later did a deep conditioning treatment for a naturalista with colored hair using palmoil, glycerine, Tresemme conditioner and hair was super soft afterwards

Meanwhile, there was this girl that sat right in front of me. At first, her hair was in a bun so I didnt really take any notice of it then she took it down to partake in the porosity test and I was like oh-ma-gawd. The picture I took doesnt even do the hair any justice.


Then I had a naturalista in my front too, I couldnt stop looking at her hair. She had so much coils !

There were presentations from Ifeyinwa of Nazuri curls and the sisters of Blush Hair concerning wigs as a form of protective styling. They make and style wigs using your own hair extensions also.

Blush Hair

We also had Stella from Stella’s Addiction talk on make-up and do the infamous eyebrow threading. She was really fun! Tayo from mymakeupng took us on Airbrushing. At first she had technical difficulties with her machine but it later co-operated



My personal favorite was Leslie Okoye of CookieSkin who answered every question on skin care ranging from eyebags to eczema, plus her skin is to die for.


Another favorite was Kemi of KL Naturals Salon. She did a Rhassoul treatment adding water and coconut oil which she left on a volunteer for 30 minutes.
Unfortunately, I couldnt stay till the end. I was hungry and tired. On my way out, Dabs offered cupcakes which were to die for. She also gave a free copy of Savvy&Chic magazine to everyone. I finally got to buy Jamaican Black Castor Oil from Natural Nigerian, watch out edges! I also got a really cute satin bonnet I couldnt take my eyes off, the print was absolutely gorg! There were other vendors apart from the presenters like Kinky Apothecary, Natural Nigerian and Glam,  but I promised myself I’d be disciplined with money.

My friend, Thelma
Yours Truly :$

Hopefully, there would be more meet-ups like this.

Have a fab week !

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