Dry Shampoo’ing

Hey! Hey!
       Sadly, my beautiful weave didnt make it past two weeks (yes, I knew I had it coming), the hair was still looking all nice but Lagos sun wont let me be great, I think the side fringe didnt just cut it for me, I was hot all the time! But since I didnt want to leave my hair out for the fear of straightening and heat damage, I had no other choice. After taking out the weave, I detangled with my fingers and profectiv mega leave-in strengthner, I was too lazy to do a proper wash and co-washing was out of it, I just had to shampoo. being the lazy person I am, I did a ‘dry shampoo’ while watching a movie; I just worked shampoo into my hair and kept massaging my scalp. When I was done rinsing with my VO5 Tea Tree conditioner and applying my castor and olive oil mixture, there wasnt anytime left to do a hairstyle and I couldnt put a wig on damp hair so I decided to rock my shrunken ‘fro to the hospital! It’s night duty anyway so I’m free from the prying eyes of my supervisors, I was actually happy I could just do a wash and go but my confidence level shrunk just like my hair when my matron asked me “Why didnt you comb your hair? Didnt you know you were coming to the hospital? I dont want to see this tomorrow!” Duh! I’m on my uniform, I knew I was coming to the hospital and it was my last day of night duty, so we’re definitely not seeing again. I felt ‘free’ and I didnt have to keep swiping stray hair from my face while attending to patients.

Was too tired

Have a swell week !


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