Naturally Shy!

No Shame

Hello Naturals!
Do you dread rocking your natural
hair outside the four walls of your
room? Is your hair always beneath
one protective styles or the other,
turbans and scarves? Are you
afraid of what people’s reaction
would be? What if your friends or
that really cool guy you just started
speaking to recoils when they see
your new short natural hair? Are
you scared you wont look as
beautiful as you used to with your
sleek laid-back hair?
If you answered yes to any of the
questions above, dear sister, you
are Naturally Shy! I used to be that
way too, I had so much questions
and insecurities about my natural
hair, I think I still do have those
insecurities sometimes but I
allowed my love for my hair and
new texture guide me. At first, I
always hid my hair under wraps,
beanies and wigs, then I started
exploring Youtube for fancy and
modern styles to try out on my
hair, It wasnt easy because I
cannot call myself a creative
person(I’m a total klutz
sometimes), So I had my friend(a
natural too) watch the videos and
do them on my head instead. But
it’s okay to hide under wraps until
you feel you’ve reached the stage
where you can confidently try out
various styles. Having natural hair
is neither a disease nor a plague,
yes, people would have their
opinions and reactions and about
it, but it’s up to you to handle that
reaction and eventually inspire a
few of them to transition or do the
big chop !
Be Patient, Be Consistent, Be



9 thoughts on “Naturally Shy!”

  1. I felt this way for a teeny, tiny second when I first started my journey. Funny it wasn’t when I was in the TWA stage, but after my hair had grown out. But I quickly got over it because I was so in love with my hair. I think my biggest fear was not knowing what to do in the event it started to revert or do some type of weirdness while I was out and my head would look a mess. I am more self conscious about wearing scarves, turbans, beanies, etc .


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